A Pretty Good Record

More than four years ago I launched this little experiment in online citizen journalism with vanshaver.com. At the time I had no idea where it would go. Little did I know what a huge success the medium would become. Over four million total page hits to date. The success of the site clearly shows how hungry folks are for local news and information. 

A lot of big stories of local interest have been broken here and in some instances you have not seen the stories reported anywhere else. This is especially true for some of our local officials. With out this web site their nefarious actions may have gone unknown and they may have gotten away with something. I will admit that over the last four years information has gotten harder to come by. Many of our local political ne'er-do-wells have gotten a lot better at covering their deeds. Besides local political reporting, I try to gather any local news events from many sources that relate to our community.

I know, there are those out there who really, really hate vanshaver.com but can you blame them? I've been threatened legally and physically for some of my stories. I've been belittled and ridiculed. But in four years, I have yet to be proven wrong. I've put the challenge out there many times before and I'll say it one more time. You can take issue with what I write, you can disagree with my positions but the challenge is, prove me wrong.

Four years, hundreds of stories and million's of hits and no one has yet taken my challenge. That's a pretty good record.