A Million A Minute
The $6,000,000.00 Shortcut

The much anticipated six million dollar shortcut has finally opened. The barriers are gone and you can now travel from Hwy. 321 at the Visitor's Bureau out to Hwy. 70.

The shortcut was touted by local officials as a needed connector between Hwy. 321 and Hwy. 70 to save commute time. The reality is, the shortcut will save you about six minutes on your commute time. Thus a million a minute.

The truth of the matter is, this was no more than just another tax payer subsidized benefit for a well connected developer helping him to sale his property. LCUB rate payers will also be paying for most of the developers utility needs. At least the tax payers will get to drive on this road unlike the million dollar road for Tennessee National in Loudon complements of the tax payers.

So get out there and take a ride on your new road.