Officer arrested, charged with domestic violence

The News Herald-A Loudon Police Department officer is facing domestic violence charges following a Thursday incident.

Colby Cannon, 24, of Loudon, has been a volunteer reserve officer with the department for about three years, according to Loudon Police Chief James Webb.

Loudon County Sheriff's Office Inv. Lt. Patrick Upton, along with other officers, were sent to a Lenoir City residence Thursday in reference to a domestic violence call, Upton said in an arrest warrant.

"Upon arrival I noticed (a woman) crying and had obvious wounds to her face, head and arms. She had two very noticeable knots on the left and right side o her forehead area," Upton said in the warrant. Upton said the woman denied the wounds were inflicted by Cannon, saying she had fallen on a truck.

Upton said further investigation uncovered another woman who said Cannon became angry, tackled the woman and "started beating her about the face until she passed out."

"She also advised that she had tried to call 911 and that he pulled the phone out of the wall and also threatened her with harm if she had called," Upton further said.

In a followup interview, Webb said Cannon is on suspension "until the outcome of his charges," Webb said he is holding Cannon's issued firearm, badge and uniforms. As a volunteer reserve officer, Cannon is not on LPD payroll, Webb said.

"I just think it's an unfortunate set of circumstances. Like I said I think every one is innocent until proven guilty, and we just have to wait until the outcome of his charges before a final decision can be made about his status her eat the police department," Webb said.

Cannon was charged with domestic violence and released on $1,000 bond.