A Little Clarification

Loudon County Redskins

I know most everyone knows this but apparently a few do not. Let me provide a little clarification.

Friday night I watched the Lenoir City, Loudon, Battle Of The Bridge football game which was a pretty good game. While I was watching the game I was also perusing various social media sites. I noticed several comments by others who were also watching the game on WBIR TV, scolding the announcers for calling Loudon High School, Loudon County High School.

The fact of the matter is, the city of Loudon has no schools. The high school is a Loudon County school making it Loudon County High School. And in reality all county students of high school age would technically be suppose to attend the Loudon County High School but if that happened Lenoir City would have to close their high school.

I know this might come as a blow to some of you diehard Redskin fans but I guess the appropriate chant should be " Go Loudon County Redskins".