A Knock Out

When you think of school directors and high end educational staff members you might get a vision of some stuffy old huff and puffers sitting around in the faculty lounges in their tweed sports jackets with the patches on the elbows maybe smoking a pipe. Or maybe they would be walking the halls of academia discussing the deep meanings of life in general. That might be one perception but let me give you a whole different perception.

A few months ago, the school board hired a new school director. Mr. Jason Vance was hired by the board, unanimously I might add. Apparently, Jason had made a pretty good impression on board members to get that kind of support from our board.

Jason, who is 34 years old, has already shown his ability to take bold actions in what he feels is right for the school system. He's a regular fire ball. But Jason has other abilities that some may not be aware of.

Pryor to becoming the director of schools, Jason was a professional mixed martial arts fighter. Karate, kick boxing and so on. It's a tough sport that takes an enormous amount of training and dedication. Jason had his last professional bout back in December of 2009 winning a TKO in the first round. Vance was in the light heavyweight, 205 lb. class. Want to watch the fight? Click the link below. Pay close attention at about the 4:25 minute mark.

Jason Vance vs Dean Hamilton

It's hard not to think about Rocky after watching the fight and I doubt anybody could question Jason's grit and determination but it is kind of fun to be able to say to other school boards, bet our director can beat up your director.