A Few Numbers

I always enjoy going back over the numbers after an election.

15,123 Loudon County voters went to the polls in this election. A tad over 60% voted early.

With more than 33,000 registered voters that means we voted around 45%. That's awful low but we still voted a higher number than the national average. If you discount the inactive voters on the rolls the percentage could be as high as 42%

In the Loudon City council election, 1,104 voters didn't vote for four council candidates. This would suggest that a lot of voters made a single shot vote. But even with that, Jeff Harris carried the entire city ballot by a wide margin.

Lenoir City officials were walloped in their third attempt to eliminate the elected Treasurer/Recorder position. We'll discuss that in a little more detail later.

To view complete details on the voting totals visit the Loudon County Election Commission.

Below are links the the cumulative and precinct reports.

Cumulative Report

Precinct Report