A Few Details
On The Ford Road/Muddy Creek Hwy.11 Intersection Improvements

Brittany Davenport News-Herald
State Representative Jimmy Matlock said he was surprised and thrilled of the upcoming improvements.

He said he didn't anticipate another project already in the works after the recent Shaw Ferry improvements.

"It was just like an added bonus," he said.

A traffic study of the highway intersection at Muddy Creek and Ford Road, which currently has a caution light to aid traffic flow, was completed in March 2010 including crash and traffic signal analysis, said TDOT Region 1 Community Relations Officer Mark Nagi.

The project will include the construction of left-turn lanes, eastbound and westbound on U.S. Highway 11, a left turn lane on Muddy Creek Road and installation of a traffic signal, he said.
The project will also be funded by National Traffic Safety Administration funds.