A Few Answers

Many may not realize just how many emails, phone calls and even snail mails I get from people. You wouldn't believe some of the questions and accusations that are brought to my attention. I try to follow up on as much as I can but there's just so much one person can do. Recently I have received a number of election questions. So I would like to answer them here at one time.

Yes She Is

I had a lot of inquires about 5th District commission candidate, Sharon Yarbrough. Yes, she is married to school board member Gary Ubben and yes she is also in education. I have no idea why she has a different last name than her husband or why her husband's name is never mentioned on her election web site and I have no idea why they wont be seen together in public or why they don't sit together at public meetings. It may have something to do with the bad taste voters had for the last husband/wife school board/county commission combo or it may be that Dr. Ubben has become so unpopular with the voters in the 5th district as a school board member. What ever the case may be, 5th district commission candidate Sharon Yarbrough and and 5th district school board member Gary Ubben are husband and wife.

Ms. Yarbrough, running on the republican ticket, will face off with independent candidate, Pat Hunter, for the 5th district seat "B" commission seat.  

No She Didn't 

According to voting records from the Loudon County Election Commission, independent candidate for General Sessions Judge, Lee Ledbetter, did not vote in the May 4th, 2010 primary election. According to those same records, Ms. Ledbetter has voted in every democrat primary election since 1990 and has never voted in a republican primary. I have no idea why Ms. Ledbetter chose not to vote in the primary election. I can only assume that since she decided to run as an independent, she may have thought that voting in the democrat primary would diminish her independent credentials not withstanding the fact that she has voted in 16 previous democrat primaries. And I guess she just couldn't bring herself to pull a republican lever.

Ms. Ledbetter, running as an independent, faces independent candidate Mary Longworth and republican Rex Dale in a three person race for Loudon County General Sessions Judge.

No There Wont Be

There will be no write-in candidates elected in August. Even though there had been some discussions of possible write-in candidates for the August election, it's not going to happen. According to a recent new law, any candidate who would consider a write-in campaign "must complete a notice requesting such person's ballots be counted 50 days before the general election." No one filed the necessary paperwork to be considered as a write-in.

Yes They Will

All of the winning candidates from the primary election who do not have opposition in the upcoming general election will still appear on the ballot. One vote gives them the general election win.

Yes They Do

This is just one of those odd but true facts. Yes, Loudon County Mayor Candidates, Estelle Herron and Matt Brookshire do live almost directly across the street from each other in Lenoir City. Not sure what the odds of something like that happening are but it's a fact.