A Different World

Last week, one of Sarah's uncles passed away so Sarah and I attended the funeral. He and most of her dad's family came from or still live in Lawrence County. That's in middle Tennessee down pretty close to the Alabama State line.

I've been down there a few times over our married life but I'm still amazed at the sights down there. There is a large population of Mennonites through out that area.

They still do the horse and buggy thing, live on large farms in big houses with no electricity yet they thrive in their way of life. They're every where down there. The horse and buggies travel up and down the highways right along side the cars and trucks. Their homes are in and among other non Mennonites and everyone gets along fine. The Mennonites are well known for their fine furniture making which they sell to lots of people.

For me, it's just the strangest thing to see these folks living in a different era in the modern era.

I told Sarah I thought I might want to live like the Mennonites. She said that would be fine, but I'd be living by myself.

Apparently it was wash day. Every home had their cloths on the line to dry.
Their cloths lines are on a pulley system.


A group of Mennonite children walking down the road.