A Couple More Incumbents

Now you can throw a couple more incumbents in the race. County mayor Doyle Arp and Road Superintendent Sean Giles have picked up their petitions to seek reelection. This election is going to be a whopper.  Check back daily for updates.
Office of Candidate Name of Candidate Party Date Petition Issued  Date Petition Returned
County Mayor Doyle Arp Republican 12/1/2009  
  Van Shaver Republican 11/20/2009 11/30/2009
County Commission           
District 1 seat A William Culvahouse Republican 11/20/2009 11/24/2009
  Nancy Marcus Republican 11/23/2009  
District 1 seat B David Meers Republican 11/20/2009  
District 2 seat A Frank Hahn Republican 11/24/2009  
  Earlena Maples Democrat  11/20/2009  
District 2 seat B Austin Shaver Republican 11/20/2009  
District 3 Bob Franke Republican 11/23/2009  
District 4 Mike Newman Republican 11/25/2009  
District 5  seat A Harold Duff Republican 11/20/2009  
District 5 seat B Kenneth Shockley Republican 11/23/2009  
District  6 Steve Harrleson Republican 11/30/2009  
  Wayne Gardin Democrat  11/20/2009  
District 7 Don Miller Republican 11/20/2009  
Trustee Estell Herron Republican 11/20/2009  
Sheriff Steve Cook Republican 11/20/2009  
  Tim Guider Republican 11/23/2009  
Circuit Court Clerk Judy Hines Republican 11/20/2009  
  Lisa Niles Republican 11/20/2009  
County Court Clerk Nicholas Bradshaw Republican 11/20/2009  
  Mike Cartwright Republican 11/30/2009  
  Darlene Russell Republican 11/20/2009  
  Kenneth Shockley Republican 11/23/2009  
  Angie Vittatoe Republican 11/20/2009  
Register of Deeds Tracie Littleton Republican  11/20/2009 11/25/2009
Road Superintendent  Tim Brewster Republican 11/24/2009  
  Sean Giles Republican 12/1/2009  
  Gary Kinard  Republican 11/23/2009 11/25/2009