Commissioner Austin Shaver To Resign

Loudon County 2nd district commissioner, Austin Shaver, is set to resign his commission seat. Shaver, who is an attorney with the Baker Donelson law firm in Knoxville, is transferring to the firm's Nashville office.

The effective date of his resignation will be determined once the details of the move are finalized. Shaver has been a member of the commission since 2008.

Under the law, Commission will have 120 days from the time of notification of the vacancy to appoint an interim commissioner to fill Austin's vacant seat until the next general election, or, since it will be so close, Commission could potentially choose not to make an appointment and just allow the vacancy to be filled in the November election.

The relevant portion of TCA 5-1-104 states:

(2) .......If the vacancy occurs less than sixty (60) days before the August election but sixty (60) days or more before the November election, then nominees of political parties shall be selected by party convention and a successor elected in the November election.

According to the law, candidates will be selected by party convention to be eligible to be on the November ballot.

As for Mom and Dad/Nana and Papaw, we are very, very sad to see Austin moving away.