911 AUDIO: Loudon Co. shooting suspect says, "I shot them"

LOUDON COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- 911 audio obtained by Local 8 News Monday from the evening of the Loudon County shooting that left two women dead revealed a shocking admission in the double murder case.

In the 911 calls, suspect Colby Cannon can be heard saying, "They're not breathing ... I shot them."

According to investigators, Colby Cannon got into a fight with his fiancée, Bethany McKenzie, and kicked her out of the car on June 21. Authorities said Colby Cannon's sister, Taylor Cannon Creamer went to pick up her brother's fiancée and took her back to Cannon's house on White Wing Road. Authorities said Cannon reportedly fired five gunshots with a Smith and Wesson 9 mm at Creamer and McKenzie. A day after the deadly shooting, Cannon was charged with two counts of first degree murder and two counts of aggravated child abuse.

Loudon County officials confirmed to Local 8 News that Cannon called 911 after the shooting. In the calls, he referred to his sister-in-law, who was his actual sister, Taylor Cannon Creamer.

911 Operator: Loudon County 911, what is your emergency?
Cannon: You need to send somebody to my house, I just shot my sister and wife.
911 Operator: And you said you just shot your sister?
Cannon: And my fiancée, yeah.

The 911 operator asked about the alleged shooter's motive.

911 Operator: Was this on purpose?
Cannon: No, they were trying to fight me and all that, and I shot them.

Almost a minute into the call, the 911 operator asked Cannon to check if the victims were still breathing.

Cannon: They're not breathing.
911 Operator: They're not breathing?
911 Operator: Okay, do you still have the firearm in your hand?
Cannon: No, I don't

Further into the 911 call, Cannon discloses to the operator that there are children at the scene. Their voices can be heard crying in the background.

911 Operator: And you said neither one of them are breathing?
Cannon: No.
911 Operator: And what happened, you said they were fighting?
Cannon: They were fighting because my wife was starting to leave me.
911 Operator: You shot and hit both of them and neither one is breathing, correct?
Cannon: No.
911 Operator: Where did you shoot them at? Like in the head, or?
Cannon: I shot them in the middle area of the body. I don't know.

Cannon now faces two counts of first degree murder and two counts of aggravated child abuse.

Creamer was married and a mother of a 3-year-old boy and 1-year-old boy.

McKenzie was the mother of 3 young children.

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Sister of Loudon Co. suspected shooter and victim reacts to released 911 recording

LOUDON COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT)-- The sister of the accused shooter and a victim of the Loudon County double shooting spoke to Local 8 News about the 911 recordings released from the June 21 fatal shooting. Officials confirmed that Colby Cannon called 911 after allegedly killing his fiancée and sister.

911 Operator: "Loudon County 911, what is your emergency?
Cannon:"You need to send someone to my house, I just shot my sister and wife... my fiancée, yeah."

Sarah Cannon, Colby Cannon's sister, spoke to Local 8 News Reporter Robert Grant after hearing the recordings, "I was devastated. I was shocked. I could tell my brother was scared. I know him well enough to know he was scared. He was probably traumatized. I don't think he realized until after what he did."

Colby Cannon is accused of killing the two people Sarah said were closest to him, his sister Taylor Cannon Creamer and his soon-to-be wife Bethany McKenzie.

Cannon can be heard on the 911 recording saying, "Bethany? Bethany? Bethany, can you hear me? Bethany? No."

He also checked to see if his sister, Taylor, was still breathing while on the phone with a 911 operator: "Taylor? Taylor, can you hear me?"

Sarah told Local 8 News this was not like the brother she knew, "It was not him. That was not my brother. My brother, I've seen him get angry and I've seen him have his issues. But never have I heard my brother like that in my life."

In the chilling 911 call, Colby claims a fight broke out between himself and the two victims.

911 Operator: "Okay, was this on purpose?"
Cannon: "No they were trying to fight me and all that and I shot them."

Sarah said, "My brother has a very hard time dealing with stress or drama or confrontation. He snaps."

She continued, "He lost his cool, and he shot them."

911 Operator: "They're not breathing? Okay. do you still have the firearm in your hand?"
Cannon: "No."

Sarah said, "Yes he pulled that trigger and I'm not defending him by any means."

But she insisted that there's more to the story.

"We never had a normal childhood. We never grew up in a normal home. People go through a lot in life and they have a breaking point," she said.

And there's one message Sarah wants the public to know about her brother.

"He's not this horrible person that everyone is saying he is. Yes he took two lives. He did. And he needs to pay for that," Sarah said.

Colby Cannon is facing two counts of first degree murder and two counts of aggravated child abuse.

Sarah told Local 8 News Reporter Robert Grant that at first she was upset Local 8 News released the 911 calls, but continued to say she understands that the news team had a job to do.

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