7 Month Update

I just keep thinking if I can help anybody else kick the habit, that would be good.

As you can see by my counter, at 7 months, I've saved $1,600.00 and avoided 6,400 cigarettes since I quit smoking and started vaping. It's a great feeling.

I know a number of you have also taking up the E-Cigs and many of you have also kicked the habit. Good for you too.

One little issue we've run into is our local shop moved to Knoxville but there is another one opened now and just getting set up. It's Smoky Mountain Juice Hut. Like I said, they're just getting started up and will be growing every day.

They're located at 1580 Shaw Ferry Road North. That's just off Hwy. 321 right there at Outer Drive where GT Sign Company use to be. You can visit their facebook page here Smoky Mountain Juice Hut.

For those of you who go to Knoxville, you really need to go by Vintage Vapors. That's where my nephew is that got me into vaping. It's in a shop across from West Town Mall, just off Kingston Pike. They've got everything for everyone from the beginners to the pros. You can visit their facebook page here Vintage Vapors Knox.