5th District Election

Quit a few have people have asked about the school board race here in the fifth district probably because of all the campaign signs that have already gone up.

The fifth district is geographically and by population, the largest district in the county. It spans from Dixie Lee Junction out to Oral, down to Hines Creek over to Buck Town. It's a big, big area. Due to the large population, the 5th district has two seats on both the school board and county commission. Our large size also accounts for the fact that there are usually a lot of folks who run for various offices at election time.

In the upcoming August school board election, both 5th district seats for school board will be on the ballot. The seats are designated as seat "A" and seat "B".

Currently seat "A" is held by Gary Ubben. Mr. Ubben is seeking re-election. Ubben is being challenged by three other candidates. those candidates are Brian Brown, Teresa Karimian, and Freddie E. Walker.

5th District, seat "B" is currently held by me. I am seeking re-election. I will be challenged by Jeremy Buckles.

When you go to vote, you will get to vote for one candidate in seat "A" and one candidate in seat "B".

Several of the 5th district candidates are already hitting the campaign trail. If you live in the 5th district, you have probably noticed a lot of campaign signs already popping up.

I would encourage all voters to get to know the candidates. Find out where they stand on the various issues. The actions of the school board will directly effect you whether you have children in the school system or not. With a more than thirty-five million dollar budget, the greatest portion of your tax dollars go to the school board. You need to know how those seeking the office plan to handle your money.

It's a little early right now but in a few weeks I'll have full and complete information about all the candidates and issues that will appear on the august ballot.