52 Years Later


You know it would be hard to look at that little fellow in the red fire truck and not think he's a cutie. Yeah, that's me around 1962. So why on earth would I be posting a baby picture of me?

Just I so I could post another picture of one of my grandbabies.

The grand kids were in a couple of weeks ago and my oldest one, Caleb who is now four and a half years old, likes to explore the down stairs. That's where we keep all the treasures/junk. 


He found my old Fire Chief Red Ryder Fire Truck. He wanted me to pull it out for him to ride it. After he got in it he kept looking around the pedal car. How's it go papaw? He was looking for the button that made it go.

I explained it wasn't electric, he had to pedal it. He gave it a couple of try's then he was done. Moved on to something else.

My old fire truck is kind of like me. It's a little old and clunky now. But it was real warm to see my grand baby in it.