Blazing Fast

I told you all last week that my old computer had reached it's end. It had been a good one but it just couldn't cut it anymore. But you know, I don't ever worry any more about computer problems. Not since I found out about Michael Phillips and his wife who own and operate Elite Technology Group. A couple of emails and BOOM, a brand new computer sitting on my desk. And it's blazing fast.

You might be thinking, what's the big deal, anybody can get a new computer from anywhere. That's true, but not like this one. What Mr. Phillips can do and did was take my old computer and move everything that was on my old computer to the new one. Every file and folder, every program. everything that was on my old computer is exactly the same on my new computer. Tell me that's not great. And to beat it all, still cheaper than an off the shelf model.

In the past, the thought of having to buy a new computer was frightening to all of us. You'd probably lose most of your old stuff and it was just a huge hassle. Not any more. Just one less thing to worry about.

I would encourage you if you have any computer needs/problems, give the Phillips' a call. Below is the link to their web site. There's just no need to be sitting around with a slow or broken computer.

Click Here For Their Web Site To See What All They Do.

Elite Technology Group