3 County High Speed Chase-Crash

A 3 county high speed chase that started in McMinn County ended with the wanted driver from Ohio crashing through the front wall of the First national Bank at Dixie Lee Junction.

Click Here For Video Of Chase as it traveled Hwy. 11 at Ford Road and Muddy Creek.

Officers from the 10th Judicial Task Force in McMinn County were the first to make contact with the individual in the Nissan Versa on a routine traffic stop. As officers approached the vehicle, the driver from Ohio sped off. McMinn officers lost the subject but he was shortly spotted by officers in Monroe county who attempted to stop the vehicle. However the driver chose to flee yet again.

As the driver fled through Monroe County, Loudon County officers were notified of the chase heading into Loudon County on Hwy 11. Shortly the suspect entered Loudon County where Loudon County officers picked up the pursuit.

The chase continued north on Hwy. 11 through Philadelphia, the city of Loudon and Lenoir City at incredibly high speeds of 80-90 mph for much of the chase.

The driver finally lost control of the car at Dixie Lee Junction slamming head on into the front of the First National Bank at the junction. Some witnesses stated that the driver either jumped or was ejected from his car just before the car struck the building. The driver himself was physically slammed into the side of the building. The driver sustained multiple injuries but was conscious and speaking to officers at the scene. He told officers he had warrants out of Georgia was why he ran.

The bank bank building sustained major damage.