Happy Anniversary
37 Years

Tomorrow, March 17th, will be mine and Sarah's 37th anniversary. Every year I post some little something about our life together and what a perfect wife, mother and grand mother she is. And it's a fact. But this year I'm making a little different observation.

It is amazing that after all these years there are still things I can learn about my wife. For the last few years I have learned that while Sarah is the greatest wife that could ever be, it may be that she's an even better daughter than she is a wife, if that's possible.

About five years ago, it became necessary for both Sarah's parents to enter assisted living. This, only after she had spent several years trying to manage their care in their home. The decline in their mental and physical abilities was was rapid. Her dad passed away a couple of years ago. Mom is still here, but oh so barely. Ms. Elizabeth no longer knows who anyone is including Sarah. But Sarah still knows her mother.

Since the day her parents entered assisted living, Sarah has spent time with them most every day. After working an eight or nine hour day, her first stop is to go by to see her folks. Setting with them, talking to them when they were still able to communicate, combing their hair, sprucing them up, feeding them when that became necessary. Just being the perfect daughter. She was right by her dad's bed when he took his last breath.

Now it's just mom that's left. Sarah still goes to see her nearly every day. Mom doesn't know anything or anyone anymore but Sarah still goes and sits with her and talks to her and dotes on her almost as if the roles have been reversed and the daughter is now the mom and mom is the baby.

While I'm the most blessed man on earth to have Sarah as my wife, her mom and dad were also blessed to have and have had her as their daughter. Thank you for everything you do for all of us.

Happy Anniversary Sarah.