Thirty-Five Years

Thirty-five years ago today as eighteen and nineteen year old kids, Sarah and I walked down the isle at the old First Baptist Church and said "I Do" forever. I'm not even sure we knew what forever meant back then. Now I think we have a better understanding.

Our little story.

Back in the early 1976, at the urging of my aunt, I asked Sarah out for the very first time. Really didn't see any future in it but it was a date. Went to supper then to a movie, The Bad News Bears. Had her back home good and early cause I had other business in town, cruising Broadway in my hot rod.

As a gentleman, I walked her to the door and just before the kiss goodnight she looked me square in the eye and said, without hesitation, we're going to get married someday. Caught a little off guard I said is that right? In my mind I'm thinking, that's not gonna happen. I guess the rest is history.

Sometimes it scares me to think what my life might have been without her.

Happy Anniversary

March 17, 1979-March 17, 2014