A Tie

What are the odds that with eight candidates running for four seats on the Loudon City that two of them could end up with the same number of votes? Well maybe greater than you think.

This is the second time in recent memory that this has happened in Loudon. Back in 2001, Tim Dixon and Charlie Garner also tied for a council seat with 202 votes each. That tie was broken with a special called run off election. Garner ultimately won the run off. Now it's Lois Snow and Dennis Stewart who have tied.

The Loudon City Charter states clearly that in the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen by lot by the out going council. 

SECTION 1......In the event that two (2) or more candidates receive the same number of votes at any election for Councilmen, the outgoing Council shall, at a general or special meeting held prior to the beginning of the term of the newly elected Councilman or Councilmen, determine by lot which of said candidates shall take office.

Determined by lot could mean any number of things including pulling names out of a bag or a hat, or by drawing straws or flipping a coin. However, back in 2001, council voted to hold a run off election. Not sure how that squares with the charter but a run off sure seems like a better way to settle the tie.

The next scheduled meeting of the Loudon City council is to be the 17th of November, the same night the Loudon County Election Commission will certify the November election results. The new candidates are scheduled to be sworn in December 1st.

Even though the cost of the special election could run from six to ten thousand dollars depending on a number of factors, I'm betting that is what the out going council will decide to do. But who knows, they might just decide to let the two candidates arm wrestle for the seat.