Flash Back

At many meetings of local government whether city or county hot debates, wild predictions and promises of all manner are sometimes made by those hoping to get their way. But what I have come to enjoy is letting time tell who was right. vanshaver.com has been reporting on local government activities for more than three years now.

A quick look back to some of the old stories can shed light on the outcome of past predictions and promises. From time to time, I will be looking back on some of the past stories to see what the outcomes were.

If we don't learn from our mistakes, we are destined to repeat them.

Three Years Later

The next Turkey Creek. That's what Loudon County tax payers were promised. If tax payers would just build us a road from Hwy 321 to Hwy. 70. Well, 6.5 million tax dollars later, the Creekwood development hasn't quit turned out to be what Developer Ed Loy had predicted. In fact it hasn't turned into anything but another white elephant boondoggle paid for by Lenoir City residents and LCUB rate payers. Will our elected officials never learn?

$250M project planned for Loudon Co.
April 5, 2006

Loudon County is getting its version of Turkey Creek.

Creekwood Partners LLC announced today plans to build Creekwood Park, a $250 million mixed use development on 204 acres adjacent to Interstate 75 between Highways 321 and 70.

The development concept calls for marketing the site to local and national retail stores, restaurants, banks, motels and at least one big box store, said Alan Hale, a developer and spokesman for Creekwood Partners.

Hale declined to identify specific retailers, but said negotiations are under way with several companies, including a "national home improvement retailer such as Lowe's."

The site's interstate visibility makes it ideal for commercial development, Hale said.

The partners have the land under contract and hope to start construction in August on a four-lane divided road that would run parallel to I-75 linking Highways 321 and 70. Retail construction would begin in 2007.

"The rapid growth of Lenoir City makes this a good time for Creekwood Park. We think it compares very well with Turkey Creek, only it's a Lenoir City project," Hale said.