2.1 It Is

Loudon County Director of Schools, Jason Vance, met briefly with the commission budget committee Monday evening to inform them that the school board had voted to ask for an additional 2.1 million dollars for operating expenditures in their 2015-2016 budget.

While Vance wasn't prepared to present an actual budget to the committee, he will be meeting with the budget committee at a later date to go over the entire budget.

The increased budget request could require a twenty cent property tax increase.

Those school board members voting for the multimillion dollar increase were 2nd district BOE member, William Jenkins, 3rd District member Phillip Moffett, 5th District members Gary Ubben & Jeremy Buckles, 6th District member Ric Best and 7th District member Craig Simon. Voting against the increase were 1st District BOE members Kenny Ridings & Scott Newman and 2nd District member Bobby Johnson Jr. 4th District's member, Leroy Tate was absent.