20 Cents It Is-So Far

The first hurdle in funding the Phase I school building program was passed Thursday evening. The county commission budget committee, in a split 3-2 vote, voted to recommend to the full commission a twenty cent property tax increase to fund the building program. If passed the entire twenty cents would be committed exclusively to the building fund. Commissioners Bob Franke, Sharon Yarbrough and County Mayor Estelle Herron, who is a member of the budget committee, voted for the funding. Commissioners Austin Shaver and Don Miller voted no in preference of a lesser amount.

The tax increase is by no means a done deal. The proposal will now go to the full commission where it will require at least six commissioners to vote for the the funding for the building program.

The next meeting of the budget committee will be on June 22nd to hold a public hearing on all of the over all proposed budgets.