2018 Election Update

It looks like the 2018 election cycle is shaping up to be a real humdinger from the federal and state level down to the locals. Of course, the big federal election that may interest the most of us, is Loudon County's Jimmy Matlock running for congress to fill the seat to be vacated by retiring congressman, Jimmy Duncan.

Matlock currently serves as the 21st district state representative but to run for congress, Mr. Matlock can not seek re-election to his current seat. So for Jimmy, it's all or nothing. I think most would agree that Jimmy Matlock will be the best man to fill the congressional seat. He will continue to hold the 21st seat till the November 2018 election.

Matlock's decision to run for congress will open his state seat. Thus far, the only person who has showed a real interest is running for Mr. Matlock's state seat is Lenoir City mayor, Tony Aikens. Aikens could run for the 21st district seat, and if he won, he could also continue to serve as Lenoir City's mayor. Aikens nor anyone else as officially, announced for that race.

As we now know, incumbent Loudon County mayor, Buddy Bradshaw, has announced that he plans to seek re-election. Incumbent 6th district commissioner, Steve Harrelson has announced that he will also be running for county mayor in the 2018 election. To my knowledge, this is the first time a sitting commissioner has challenged a sitting mayor.

Kind of like the Matlock race, with Harrelson running for county mayor, he will not be able to run for his current commission seat. This leaves the 6th district seat open. While a few have inquired about the open seat, no one has yet officially declared to run for that seat.

I think most of the current county commissioners have announced that they will be seeking re-election in 2018 except 4th district incumbent commissioner, Leo Bradshaw. Mr. Bradshaw has already announced that he does not intend to seek re-election. However, Gary Whitfield has announced that he intends to seek that seat.

Incumbent sheriff, Tim Guider, has announced that he will be seeking re-election and Loudon City officer, Scott Newman has announced that he will also be running for sheriff. Late last week another Loudon City officer told several folks he too plans to run for sheriff. This is unconfirmed at this time.

Court Clerk, Darlene Russell has announced that she will retire at the end of this term and will not seek re-election. Long time employee in the clerks office, Carrie McKelvey has announced that she will be running for that office.

Other county wide office holders who have already announced re-election plans for 2018 are;

Chip Miller, Loudon County Trustee
Tracie Littleton, Register Of Deeds
Lisa Niles, Circuit Court Clerk (Let's Hope She Doesn't Get Re-Elected. We can't afford another 4 year lawsuit)

Even though it seems like a long time away, the 2018 elections will be here before we know it. Local primary, May 2018. State primary and county general, August 2018. State and federal general election, November 2018.