2012 Elections

There will be three important election dates this year. Of course, the biggest will be the presidential election in November where hopefully we'll get rid of the goofball that's in the White House now. Except for Ron Paul, any of the republicans in the race right now would ten times better than Barack Hussein Obama.

The first election of 2012 is actually not that far away. It will be the presidential preference primary and also the Loudon County Property Assessor election. That election will be March 6th.

August 2nd will be the state primary and Loudon County General election. The county election will be for the odd numbered districts on the school board, 1st district Bill Marcus and Scott Newman, 3rd district Lisa Russell, 5th district Gary Ubben and myself and 7th district Craig Simon. Also on the local ballot will be the property assessor but since all candidates for that office are republicans, the winner of of the March primary will be uncontested on the August ballot.

On the state and federal level, the election will be the primary for US Senate Bob Corker , US Congress-2nd district Jimmy Duncan, state representatives for the 21st district, Jimmy Matlock and 32nd district Julia Hurley.

The November 6th presidential election will also include local city elections for Greenback, Lenoir City and Philadelphia.

As you can see, it's going to be a busy election year. As the elections get a little closer, I'll post the details and particulars about petitions, early voting and such.