Jr. Proaps campaigning in 06

According to court records, 2006 Lenoir City Mayoral Candidate, Thomas (Jr.) Proaps, pled guilty to the lesser charge of reckless aggravated assault in Loudon County Circuit Court January 25th.

Proaps was indicted by the Loudon County Grand Jury in April 2004 for attempted aggravated sexual battery. The indictment stemmed from allegations that Proaps had improper sexual contact with a minor child. Through his court appointed attorney, Proaps agreed to wave a trial by jury and plead guilty to the lesser, reckless aggravated assault. Proaps was sentenced to two years probation. He will return to court on June 8, 2007 to hear the terms of his probation. The judge is expected to sign the plea.

Proaps received 94 votes in his 2006 mayoral race.