2000 +

Just a quick update on not smoking any more.

According to my counter, I have now avoided smoking more than 2000 cigarettes and saved more than $500.00.

I assure you, I can tell a big difference in my overall health.

I'll say again, if you have ever wanted to quit smoking, switching to E-Cigs, vaping, was the way to go for me. A lot of you have told me you really wanted to quit but the E-Cig just didn't work for you.

What worked for me was not trying to quit, I never intended to. I just starting to use the E-Cig from time to time, mostly for convenience, and before long, I preferred the E-Cig over real cigs. In my case, it took about three weeks. For others it was less for some and more for others. Just go at your own pace. Even if all you ever do is cut back on how much you smoke, you'll still be ahead.

After forty years of smoking, I never dreamed I would ever quit but I have. I don't even have a desire to go back to real smokes.

There's a lot of information about E-Cigs online but for hands on and help figuring out what works for you, go the Mike's Electronic Cigarettes on Hwy. 321 if you want to get started right. He's got all the stuff you need. His store is at 516 Hwy. 321. He's right between Shubert's Motors and the Line-X shop. He's in the same shop as Smoky Mountain Beads, Crystals & More. You can visit his facebook page here.

E-cigs are not sold as a smoking sensation product but an alternative. There's no smell, no fire and the cost to vape is way, way less than smoking. Besides regular tobacco flavors, you can get every flavor under the sun. Chocolate, vanilla, Dr. Pepper, Red Bull and on and on.