1mil, 1.6mil, 2.1mil

If the Loudon County School Board budget committee meets many more times, we'll all be broke.

First they were going to ask for a million dollars more for this years budget then it was 1.6 million more and after their last meeting, it's up to 2.1 million. Never mind they haven't even prepared their budget or explained what they need that much money for. Apparently, they're just grabbing numbers out of the air. But it does beg the question, how could they possibly know how much money they really need if they haven't even made their budget yet? By the way, 2.1 mil increase would equal more than a twenty cent property tax increase.

Either some on the school board are expecting the new county commission is going to just say yes to anything they throw on the wall or the Doctors on the board have completely lost their minds. I'm referring to Dr., professor Gary Ubben and Dr. music Ric Best. As I hear it, hese two seem to be the main drivers behind the ridiculous request.

Fortunately, when the full board met Thursday, cooler minds prevailed and they decided not to vote on the budget that doesn't exist. Wait, where have we heard that before? We have to pass the bill/budget so we can find out what's in the bill/budget.

I noticed again, school board members didn't discuss the big budget by how much they want to raise the property tax, they just talked about millions of dollars. Come on Dr. professor and Dr. music, be honest with the tax payers, tell them just how much you want to raise their taxes.

Some school board members may not want to discuss the real numbers but I sure do. Over the next few weeks, I'll share the details on the boards funding. We may all learn some interesting facts.