1.3 Million

I was there and I find it hard to believe. With every school system in the surrounding area making steep cuts across the board, a majority of the Loudon County school board not only didn't make any cuts to their $37 million dollar budget, they voted to ask county commission for another 1.3 million dollars in new operating money. That figure may even be higher when the details are all untangled.

To describe the meeting as chaotic would be putting it mildly. But when the dust had settled, aside from a nearly half million dollar increase in various line items, the majority of the board voted to include step raises for all certified and noncertified employees and a 2% raise for all employees across the board. Total estimated cost of raises is $817,831.

The budget will now go to the county commission. The commission can approve the budget request or reject the request. The impact of such a large increase to the operating budget will surely eliminate the proposed building program. The board has already spent around $2 million dollars on plans for the building program.

Last year the board requested around $900,000.00 from commission but that request was rejected by commission. The issue could go to the commission as early as their next workshop on the 15th.