$112,000.00 For New Director
Honeycutt Accepts

Terms of Honeycutt's contract

The Loudon County Board of Education voted unanimously to offer a three-year contract for director of schools to Wayne Honeycutt, a former Roane County assistant superintendent.

The contract, which will pay Honeycutt $112,000 per year, was approved Wednesday and will go into effect July 1. The contract will also pay $6,000 per year for health benefits for Honeycutt and his wife as well as moving expenses. Twelve vacation days are included in the contract.

Honeycutt, who was being paid $90,000 per year as director of the 800-plus-student Sangamon, Ill., school district, will not be able to continue to draw $35,000 in retirement benefits from the state of Tennessee while he is working for Loudon County, however.

There are about 5,000 students in the Loudon County school system.

- Hugh Willett, knoxnews.com

Foot Note. Current Director Of Schools, Edward Headlee currently receives a salary of $93,500.00